McMoses Consulting Entrepreneurship Training focuses on delivering results for our clients. The training programme we 

provide is designed to enable your business to establish successfully from the start.  In-line with market trend internationally, however with particular emphasis on Nigerian market, along with small-group workshops, the Entrepreneurship Programme will challenge your business preconception, and equip you with the skill-sets, contacts and confidence you need to optimise your chances of start-up success.

Programme modules include:

  • ​Bringing your business ideas to life
  • Managing a business
  • Financial management
  • Market analysis for new businesses
  • Your Business Plan
  • Funding your Business
  • Marketing and Advertising

Fill out the form or contact us to arrange a no-obligation phone consultation for up to 30 mins to discuss a strategy to reach your goals.

We’ll also discuss options for working with us.

In business, finance is crucial but it takes more than money to build a business.

It takes good ideas, good skill-sets, good decisions and the right advice.

At our Seminars, we provide you with business solutions and up-to-date information covering the entire spectrum of establishing a new business idea from paper into practical.

Our job at McMoses Consulting is to enable you get your business to a successful start.


Our Business Clinic has been developed by McMoses Consulting for our Clients with

  • Mentorship
  • Immediate business solutions requirement
  • One-2-One Consultation, focused on Market and Business issues
  • On-Site workshops and sharing of best practice
  • Ongoing support and business needs assessment
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