At McMoses Consulting, our job is to provide a Tailor-Made Customer Service Training designed to provided your staff team and your business the skills required to excel in a competitive market environment.

Customer care is at the heart of all successful businesses. It can help your business develop a loyal customer base and improve relationship with your customers.
In a competitive market, it can be tempting to chase new business. However, to boost revenue and profitability in your business, your best way forward is to focus on customer retention and build up customer loyalty.

Loyal customers come back time and again. They will also promote your business through word-of-mouth recommendation. By building a long term customer base, you can reduce the cost of looking for new customers and improve your bottom line.  A successful business must have the right team and the right skill-sets.
Excellent service delivery helps turn customers into ambassadors for your business - they will buy your products and services regularly and give you valuable feedback on your performance.

Learning Outcome

  • Increase productivity.
  • Increasing business success
  • Maintain a consistent and proactive approach to customer service
  • Build strong relationships with internal and external customers.

Course Topics

Scheduled Course topics are highlighted bold. In-house Training is tailored to your needs so you can choose any of the topics listed below plus you can combine topics from any of our courses to create the perfect learning solution.

Achieving Consistency in Service Delivery - These fundamental techniques will help staff achieve a consistent standard of service with internal and external customers, and raise personal awareness of their role.

  • Service Principles

  • Serving Captive Customers

  • Defining Service Standards

  • What signals are you sending to customers?

  • Personal Impact / Accountability for Actions (In-House Training only)

  • Behaviour and Attitudes Customer Distrust (In-House Training only

Customer Focused Communication - These verbal, body language and rapport-building techniques help develop an engaging and personalised approach to customers and demonstrate a deep level of commitment.

  • Recognising Customer Preference and Adapting Accordingly

  • Communicating Believably and Building Trust

  • Voice Factors

  • Advanced Language Skills

  • Confidence In Body Language)
  • Choosing The Correct Communication Channel (In-House Training only)
  • Creating Personal Connection (In-House Training only)
  • Building Appropriate levels of Rapport (In-House Training only)
  • Avoiding Over Familiar Behaviour (In-House Training only

Providing Solutions and Adding Value - It’s all about going the extra mile. Learn ways to delight customers with an above-and-beyond approach that further improves the reputation of the company..

  • A 'Can Do' Approach

  • Active Listening Skill
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Strategies for Adding Genuine Value
  • Summarising Effectively (In-House Training only)
  • Keeping Customers Informed (In-House Training)
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (In-House Training only)

Keep on Smiling - It doesn’t always go smoothly, but by remaining patient you can avoid things that might frustrate or concern customers – and maintain your reputation for excellent service.

  • Avoiding The Temptation to Divulge negative Information

  • Handling Customers Struggling to Understand Information and Organisation method

  • Happily Answering Numerous Questions

Delivery Style

  • Happily Answering Numerous Questions

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